President Muhammad Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai met with the Champion and Runner-up teams of APL 2019

President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Muhammad Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai, invited the Football officials along with the Champion, Toofan Harirod and Runner-up, Shaheen Asmayee teams of APL

6 Oct, 2019

A quick review of the APL 2019

Once again, attracting the attention of millions of Afghans throughout the country and worldwide, the APL 2019 concurred with an exponential rise in participation with the exciting matches conducte

2 Oct, 2019

Quadruple Women’s Football Tournament

The quadruple women’s football tournament started once again after a 3-years gap on September 14, 2019, alongside APL season 8.

23 Sep, 2019

Toofan Harirod became the champion for the 2nd consecutive time

Today, 20th September 2019, at 05:00 pm, Afghanistan Football Federation hosted the final match of the APL season 8.

21 Sep, 2019

The final clash, Toofan Harirod vs. Shaheen Asmayee

Today, September 20, 2019, Toofan Harirod, the last session’s champion will face their solid rivel, Shaheen  Asmayee, the four times championship titleholder.

20 Sep, 2019

Shaheen Asmayee to play in finals, beating Simorgh Alborz 5-0

In the second semi-final match of the 8th season of the APL, the teams of Shaheen Asmayee and Simorgh Alborz competed in an exciting and electrifying competition to advance to the final of the 8th

13 Sep, 2019

Shaheen Asmayee and Simorgh Alborz to battle for the final match ticket

Today, September 13, 2019, The four times APL champion, Shaheen Asmyaee, will face the young and motivated team of Simorgh Alborz.

13 Sep, 2019

Toofan Harirod is into the finals, beating De Spinghar Bazan by 2-0

In the 1st semi-final match of APL, season 8, 2019, the champion Toofan Harirod went head to head with De Spinghar Bazan in an exciting football match.

12 Sep, 2019

Battle for the final match ticket

Today, September 12, 2019, The two times APL champion, Toofan Harirod, will face the young and motivated team of De Spinghar Bazan.

12 Sep, 2019

De Spinghar Bazan team qualified to the Semi-finals

In the last match of the group stage competitions of APL, session 10, 2019, De Spinghar Bazan battled against Oqaban Hindukosh in a very vital game for qualification to the semifinals.

9 Sep, 2019