The first play-off match of Shaheen Asmayee against F.C Hosilot of Tajikistan in the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Cup 2017 took place at the Republican Central Stadium in Dushanbe on 31 January, 2017. Shaheen Asmayee started their AFC Cup preliminary Stage campaign with conceding 1-0 to F.C Hosilot. This was Shaheen’s fist presence in an AFC event, representing Afghanistan. 

Both teams are set to compete in a two-leg play-off. This game was considered a home game for Shaheen Asmayee. 

Shaheen kicked-off the first-half with confidence and dominance over Hosilot; however, despite having an obvious talent advantage, confusedly flail around the pitch. For the first 30 minutes, Shaheen was understandably good in utilizing the opportunities and conducting attacks to score an opener Nonetheless, the approach ended goalless and no attack or counter-attack put the team in the lead. Based on the team’s line-up, there was only Amirrudin Sharifi in the attacking line; it could be one reason for Shaheen’s failure in not netting any goal. 

On the other hand, F.C Hosilot defense line reacted smartly to the opposed threats of Shaheen Asmayee and deterred any goal chance in the first-half. In response to Shaheen’s attacks, Hosilot focused on counter-attacks, yet, failed to net any goal until Ibragim Rabimov took advantage of Farzad Ataee’s foul and converted the close-range free-kick to a goal on 34 minutes.

The first-half ended 1-0 in favor of F.C Hosilot. 

During the enthralling second-half, Shaheen was not able to fashion an effort on target to recover the deficit. The team’s players increased exchanging slick passes and were more focused to take advantage of counter-attacks. Unluckily, Shaheen failed to capitalize on a number of chances against their rival. 

Meanwhile, Hosilot had several chances to score more goals; but, thanks to Baktash Akbari, Shaheen’s goalie, for his wonderful and superbly saves. 

The game ended with F.C Hosilot’s 1-0 triumph over Shaheen Asmayee. 

Shaheen Asmayee will play the second-leg play-off match in the AFC Cup 2017 preliminary stage on February 07, 2017. 

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