The Parwan Regional Tournament took place from June 09th through June 12th in the Parwan Football stadium in capital city of Charikar. 6 teams from six different provinces in the Central Zone participated in the tournament: Parwan A, Parwan B, Kapisa, Panjshir Daikondi and Bamyan. Some of these players have to travel from their respective villages and districts under very difficult circumstances to be able to fulfill their passion for Football.

From north to south and east to west, RAPL carried out all Regional Tournaments. Now it is time for the central zone.  Thousands of passionate football fans from Daikondi, Panjshir, Kapisa, and Bamyan were warmly welcomed in Parwan. They turned out to support and cheer up their teams. The tournament took place over 4 days. Fans ranging from old to young and kids filled the Charikar stadium. The platform was used to promote messages “peace throughout Afghanistan and life without drugs‎".

AFF officials selected the 26 best players from these four teams based on their skills and performance. Those players will be further narrowed down to 21 players during an Intra-Squad match. The 26 players will be divided into two teams to play against each other. The 21 players selected by AFF officials from that match will be the final list of players officially representing the Central Zone and “Oqaban Hindukosh”.

List of 26 Players from Oqaban Hindukosh Team
S/No Name Position Province
1 Emal Gariwal Goal Keeper Parwan B
2 M. Ashraf Sultani Goal Keeper Bamyan
3 M. Afshar Defence Parwan B
4 Said Rohullah Defence Panjsher
5 Saffiullah Osmani Goal Keeper Panjsher
6 Hussain Alizada Defence Bamyan
7 Farhad Totakhil Defence Parwan B
8 Saffiullah Kohistani Defence Parwan B
9 M. Omid Azimi Defence Panjsher
10 Said Sher Darwish Defence Parwan B
11 M. Anwar Akbari Center off Parwan B
12 Fardin Hakimi Center Panjsher
13 M. Hasan Ahmadi Center Bamyan
14 Wais Ahmad Kamgar Center off Parwan B
15 Muhammad Ahmadi Center Bamyan
16 Said Wahidullah Center Parwan B
17 Ali Hazara Center off Parwan B
18 M. Haroon Hamidi Center off Bamyan
19 Zmarai Salangi Farword Parwan B
20 Abdul Basir Aber Farword Panjsher
21 Abdul Sami Sarwary Center Parwan A
22 Haji Muhammad Panjshery Defence Panjsher
23 M. Reza Rezayee Farword Bamyan
24 Mustafa Kohistani Defence Kapisa
25 Atiqullah Center off Parwan B
26 Abdul Sabor Asir Farword Parwan B