The Kunduz Regional Tournament took place from May 18th through May 21th in the Municipality Football stadium in capital city of Kunduz. Four teams from four different provinces in the northeast region participated in the tournament: Kunduz, Badakhshan, Takhar, and Baghlan. Some of these players have to travel from their respective villages and districts under very difficult circumstances to be able to fulfill their passion for Football.

Thousands of passionate football fans turned out for the Kunduz Regional tournament to select players for “Mawjhai Amu” team. People had travelled from as far as Badakhshan, Kunduz, Takhar and Baghlan to cheer up their teams. The atmosphere was very festive with fans playing drums and the large participation of the public displayed the overwhelming passion for football that exists in the region. Some of the players, encouraged by the league’s successive seasons over the last two years as well as inspired by the achievements of the national team, exhibited impressive football skills that can provide a great pool of selection for the national team in the future.

AFF officials selected the 26 best players from these four teams based on their skills and performance. Those players will be further narrowed down to 21 players during an Intra-Squad match on July 10th. The 26 players will be divided into two teams to play against each other. The 21 players selected by AFF officials from that match will be the final list of players officially representing the Northeast region and “Mawjhai Amu”.

List of 26 Players from Mawjhai Amu Team
S/No Name Position
1 Muhammad Sabur Aslami Goal Keeper
2 Mahboob Kaker Goal Keeper
3 Hizbullah Dashti Goal Keeper
4 Abdul Raheem Rahmani Center
5 Bashir Ahmad Kohdamany Center
6 Keyanosh Khawari Center
7 Fazil Rahman Muhammadi Center
8 Nasimullah Hussian Khail Center
9 Aminullah Sarwary Center
10 Bashir Ahmad Center
11 Jabar Arab zada Center
12 Muhammad Arif Basiri Center
13 Qesmat Ahmadi Center
14 Muhammd Esah Zahidi Center
15 Atiqullah Shirzad Defence
16 Hedayatullah Ahmadi Defence
17 Aminullah Karimy Defence
18 Baryalai M. Zada Defence
19 Muhammad Haroon Qaderi Defender
20 Muhammad Zamir Faqiri Defender
21 Abdul Qayoom Dawlatzai Defender
22 Masood Qarizada Defence
23 Laal Badsha Tarakhail Forward
24 Haji Muhammad Forward
25 Muhammad Jaffar Siddiqi Forward
26 Mujibullah Amiri Forward