In a press conference on February 06, 2017, Boir Igamberdiev and Amirudin Sharifi, Shaheen Asmayee’s coach and captain talked about the second play-off match against F.C Hosilot of Tajikistan in the preliminary stage of Asian Football Federation (AFC) Cup 2017. The press conference took place in the Atlas Hotel of Dushanbe, Tajikistan. 

Coach Boir assured the team’s fans that the team will not slump to their second consecutive defeat in any possible way. He revealed that major changes are brought to the Shaheen’s line-up and strategies. “Shaheen has the chance to advance to the next stage and we will stand against F.C Hosilot with all the abilities and power,” said the coach. 

Captain Amirudin Sharifi talked about the team’s high moral and motivation to defeat their opponent and recover the deficit of their first play-off match in the AFC Cup 2017. He promised the fans that they will play with preparation, focus, and using a different approach in today’s game to deny any loss. 

Previously, the first play-off match of Shaheen Asmayee against F.C Hosilot in the AFC Cup 2017, preliminary stage ended 1-0 in favor of Hosilot.

Shaheen will kick-off the second play-off match today, February 07, 2017 at 4:30 Kabul time. They need an absolute 2-0 win over Hosilot to escalate to the group stage. 

Attending the press conference, Mr. Mohammad Jan Hamidul-hov, the F.C Hosilot coach counted the second play-off match a decisive game and stated that Hosilot will compete for triumph and advancement to the group stage in the AFC Cup 2017. “To win the coming game against Shaheen Asmayee, we planned different approaches,” he added. 

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