After 90 minutes of end-to-end football, Shaheen Asmayee failed to make the most of their superiority against F.C Hosilot of Tajikistan in the play-off second-leg match. Though Shaheen kept their bar unbeaten, the team was eliminated in the preliminary stage of Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Cup 2017 with 1-0 aggregate score, 

Shaheen Asmayee showed great spirit to push their illustrious opponents all the way, but they were unable to score any goal towards the end of the game. On 35 minutes, Amirudin Sharifi’s shot bounced back after it hit the bar, inches different could put the team in the lead. Likewise, Reza Allah Yari and Sayed Mohammad Hashemi missed the golden chances to put the ball at the back of Hosilot’s net. 

Shaheen kicked-off the feisty second-half with the hope to recover the play-off first-leg loss. The team increased the number of their strikes and counter-strikes to crack the deadlock. However, unluckily all the attempts were dragged off target by F.C Hosilot’s defense line or goalie. 

Meanwhile, F.C Hosilot’s attacking tempo was slow in the second-half. They could not create many meaningful opportunities and ultimately the team switched to defensive mood to avoid any goal.  

The play-off second-leg match ended 0-0. 

Since Shaheen Asmayee suffered a first-leg capitulation of 1-0 against F.C Hosilot, with this draw F.C Hosilot claimed a 1-0 aggregate win over Shaheen. 

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