Current Roshan Afghan Premier League (RAPL) players demonstrate some of their best skills to help develop the Afghan football stars of tomorrow.

There are separate videos on the step-over move to beat a defender, goalkeeping, heading, ball control, chest control, and free kicks.

If you would like more information on opportunities for football in your area, see the list of contact persons for the Afghanistan Football Federation regional associations below the videos.


1) De Spinghar Bazan’s Kawoos Sargand demonstrates the step over move to beat a defender.

2) Mawjhai Amu’s Saboor Aslami demonstrates how to protect the goal against free kicks.

3) Shaheen Asmayee’s Sayed Maqsood Hashimi demonstrates how to head the ball effectively.

4) Mawjhai Amu’s Abdul Rahim Rahmany demonstrates how to control the ball.

5) Mawjhai Amu's Mohammad Arif Basiri demonstrates how to control the ball with his chest.

6) Shaheen Asmayee’s Samiullah Muhammadi demonstrates how to take free kicks.

Contact Persons:

North:  Haji Eshaq – 070.050.0199

Northeast: Mr. Sami – 078.640.5050

Central: Yasin Asil – 070.021.9671

Kabul: Mr. Walizada – 078.621.1821

East: Mr. Shahidullah – 078.156.5040

Southeast: Mr. Qeyamuddin – 070.287.6177

South: Haji Nasir – 070.030.2960

West: Haji Karim – 079.920.3267