Shaheen Asmayee will play its second group stage game of the Sheikh Kamal International Club Cup 2017 with Monang Marshyangdi Club of Nepal tomorrow at 2:30 pm Kabul time. This match will be a decisive and critical game for Shaheen. To avoid an early elimination, Shaheen should cling desperately to a win. 

Previously, in the first group stage match, Shaheen’s attempts to triumph over Chittagong Abahani Ltd were dragged off and slumped to a 3-1 defeat. 

The rival, Monang Marshyangdi Club is one of the well-known football clubs of Nepal. The team has eight players of the Nepal National Football team with two other international players in its squad. Monang Marshyangdi superbly won 2-0 Mohammedan S.C Limited, Dhaka in its first group stage match on February 19, 2017.  

“We know that today’s game will be very important to us and we have to put our best to triumph over the opponents,” said Mujtaba Faiz, the assistant coach of Shaheen Asamyee. “The defects and weaknesses of first game were analyzed by Coach Bior and necessary actions are taken to avoid conquest.” 

To maintain their competitive appearance and maintain an unbeaten start, Shaheen conducted their fourth consecutive exercise day at Chittagong, Bangladesh on February 21, 2017. 

This lively match will be kicked-off at M.A Aziz Stadium of Chittagong, Bangladesh tomorrow at 2:30 pm Kabul time.

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