Name: Fayaz Azizi

Hometown: Shinkoot, Jawzjan

Team/Position/Jersey Number: Simorgh Alborz, forward, #11 (team’s leading goal scorer)

Favorite Club: FC Barcelona

Favorite Player: Lionel Messi & Christiano Ronaldo

Motto:“Be fast.”

Advice to younger players: Train hard and train hard every day.

When not playing football: “I’m studying biology at university.”

Best aspect of RAPL: “The RAPL makes football professional and can lead to us being famous in Afghanistan and Asia.”

Best memory from 2012 RAPL: Last year, Simorgh Alborz came in 2nd place.  When they returned home, they were greeted at the airport by their fans.  Fayaz wants another greeting, but this time after winning the Championship.