Thursday, 20 September 2012 20:20

The Eagle of White Mountain, De Spinghar Bazan, winning over De Abasin Sape 1:0, have proven themselves to be a formaidable challenger to the other leader in Group A  of the Roshan Premier League -   De Maiwand Atalan.

Spinghar dominated the first half of the match, and were cheered on by thousands of spectators eager to see goals scored.  Ahbar Ali Noor gave them what they wanted, scoring the only goal of the game in the 42nd minute.

In the second half Abasin tried very hard to achieve a tie, but the team from Southeast Afghanistan missed many chances. At the end Spinghar held on to take the victory and   3 points.
After the first round of matches De Maiwand Atalan is leading Group A with 3 points and a  2 goal difference, followed by Spinghar.

Third in the group is De Abasin Sape. Shahin Asmayee from Greater Kabul area, which counts as one of the favourites of the Roshan Afghan Premier League,  is the big surprise disappointment of the first round and is currently at the bottom of the group.
Tomorrow  is sure to be a  very exciting match as it features two favourites -  Simorgh Alborz and Tofan Harrirod -  two traditional powerhouses of Afghan football.