The other rousing day of the 2018 Rahmani Foundation Afghan Premier League (RFAPL) action is underway as Oqaban Hindokhosh will go against Simorgh Alborz today, October 14, 2018, in the Afghanistan Football Federation (AFF) stadium. This is the 8th group stage match.

Both teams have lost their first matches of the group stage. Oqaban surrendered 2-0 to De Maiwand Atalan and Toofan Harirod cruised Simorgh Alborz 1-0 detering the draw history of last year.

“Unfortunately, we are going through various problems. We still haven’t been able to overcome the issues we’ve had in our first match. Therefore, I can’t tell if how we are going to play in the match today, can we play good or not, because our players are going through negative psychological conditions. Our problem was due to certain teams being sponsored and, in some cases, due to the attitude toward our players for being sponsored, so we could not help our players to recover and all of them have lost the desire to play.” Said Mr. Wahidullah Wahedi, The coach of Oqaban Hindukosh. He added: “Our players were supposed to be quarantined today, but some of them could not attend the agenda due to financial problems”. 

“We were well prepared ever since the start of the league but we already knew that we have a hard game against Toofan, therefore, we applied our best tactics, but unfortunately, we lost the game due to a distinct solo mistake and we got our self into a great trouble as in the game today, Oqaban Hindokush is also a team which has one loss until now and will play to compensate the burden, perhaps the team will not take the risk of losing their second game, so, we have a hard game to play.” Said the coach of Simorgh Alborz. He added: “We have also lost our first game and to escalate in the group, we must win this game, as well as the game we have to play on Tuesday against De Maiwand Atalan. That is why, we have been trying to overcome our negative points, and to improve our positive points. We are hopeful to acquiring good results.” 

The match will be broadcasted LIVE on Lemar TV and simulcast on Arman FM, Arakozia FM as well as online via the APL Official YouTube Channel. Follow APL YouTube page ( for the match highlights. Like APL Instagram (Afghanpremierleague.official) for more updated photos of your favorite players and teams. Read more about the coming events on (