The Intra squad match for the selection of the final 21 players to make up Shaheen Asmayee took place on 16 June in Kabul.

The 26 players that were selected during the regional tournament were divided into two teams to play against each other. Afghan Football federation officials and coaches trained the players and officiated the match. They selected the 21 best players based on their performance to officially represent the Kabul Zone under Shaheen Asmayee.

All the eight teams from all the eight zones will participate in the National championship in Kabul from late August to Early October to compete against each other for winning the cup.

List of 21 Players from Shaheen Asmayee Team
S/No Name Position Province
1 Fardeen Kohistani Goal Keeper  
2 Yassin Jafari Goal Keeper  
3 Hameed Ullah Yusufzai Goal Keeper  
4 Amruddin Shariri Center  
5 Ghulam Hazrat Niazi Center  
6 M. Azim Najafi Center  
7 Mahmood Azad Center  
8 Sammay Ullah Mohammadi Center  
9 Mustafa Hashimi Center  
10 Sayed Maqsood Hashimi Center  
11 Abdul Wakeel Kamalpuri Defence  
12 Aimal Afghan Defence  
13 M. Ashraf Babakarkhail Defence  
14 Mujtaba Faiz Defence  
15 Muqadar Qazizada Defender  
16 Salim Saifi Defender  
17 Masood Hashimi Defender  
18 Farhad Andar Forward  
19 Hashmat Ullah Barakzai Forward  
20 M.Rafi Zarifi Forward  
21 Mustafa Afshar Forward