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Group 1
14Shaheen Asmayee540172512
23De Abasin Sape411248-44
32Mawjhai Amu302124-22
42De Spinghar Bazan301247-31
Group 2
14Toofan Harirod55001201215
23De Maiwand Atalan42024406
31Simorgh Alborz210134-13
42Oqaban Hindukosh300318-70
25 Oct, 2018 17:30Shaheen Asmayee0 – 1Toofan HarirodAFF Stadium
23 Oct, 2018 17:30Toofan Harirod4 – 0De Abasin SapeAFF Stadium
22 Oct, 2018 17:30Shaheen Asmayee1 – 0De Maiwand AtalanAFF Stadium
18 Oct, 2018 17:30Toofan Harirod3 – 0Oqaban HindukoshAFF Stadium
17 Oct, 2018 17:30De Abasin Sape1 – 1Mawjhai AmuAFF Stadium
16 Oct, 2018 17:30De Maiwand Atalan2 – 0Simorgh AlborzAFF Stadium
15 Oct, 2018 17:30Shaheen Asmayee3 – 1De Spinghar BazanAFF Stadium
14 Oct, 2018 17:30Simorgh Alborz3 – 1Oqaban HindukoshAFF Stadium
13 Oct, 2018 17:30De Spinghar Bazan1 – 1Mawjhai AmuAFF Stadium
12 Oct, 2018 17:30De Maiwand Atalan0 – 3Toofan HarirodAFF Stadium
11 Oct, 2018 17:30Shaheen Asmayee1 – 0De Abasin SapeAFF Stadium
10 Oct, 2018 17:30Simorgh Alborz0 – 1Toofan HarirodAFF Stadium
9 Oct, 2018 17:30De Spinghar Bazan2 – 3De Abasin SapeAFF Stadium
8 Oct, 2018 17:30De Maiwand Atalan2 – 0Oqaban HindukoshAFF Stadium
7 Oct, 2018 17:30Shaheen Asmayee2 – 0Mawjhai AmuAFF Stadium


Once again, attracting the attention of millions of Afghans throughout the country and worldwide, the RFAPL 2018 coincided with exponential rise in participation with the exciting matches conducted in the evening, under the floodlights.

The Afghanistan football federation hosted the final match of RFAPL 2018, today, 25th October 2018, at 06:00 pm. Two finalists, representative of the west zone and the men in gold from the capital went head to head in this thrilling match. 

Today, 25th October 2018, the Afghanistan football federation will host the final match of RFAPL 2018 at 05:30 pm. This thrilling match is between Shaheen Asmayee, the representative of capital and the four times title holder of APL, and Toofan Harirod, west zone representative.